I am Adventure. I am Summer. I am also Your Best Excuse. 

That’s the short story of a long trip. More specifically, 149 days. 

I quit my job in DC to explore the place most of us live and few of us truly know. I drove nearly 30,000 miles across the continental 48 states and a sprinkle of five Canadian provinces. Want to see pictures?

I invited you to join me where you wanted and when you could. I hoped you'd let me be your excuse to pursue that thing you'd always wished to do and never had. Yet.

  • Want to visit your uncle in San Diego? Done.
  • Want to run the Grand Canyon? I’m packed my shoes.
  • Want to explore the neighborhoods in a city you just moved to? Let’s get lost. 

The trip had no theme. I didn't tip into a handstand at every state sign. I didn't spend equal miles in every place. This was exploration for the sake of living a life of curiosity. 

For me, the scariest thing about this idea was an inability to train. “Athlete” is a large component of how I define myself. Ignoring that piece of my DNA for half a year terrified me. So I attempted to visit every single November Project tribe. Almost made it.


Fine print:
Blackout dates applied. All route stops were subject to change. They did, frequently.