Journalism provides an entry into the infinite facets of human experience. I've explored education for The Washington Post, architecture for Curbed, music for Washingtonian, literary medicine for The Writer, and law for Medium (editor’s pick).

Sports, however, dominate my life and my freelance work. Stories range from Olympians in mid-Missouri to octogenarian age-groupers in LA to an All-American who quit running in DC. More highlights below.



USA Triathlon — creating community

ZouNation — learning to coach every year

Competitor — running the numbers

Competitor — dancing by day

ZouNation — leaving the NFL

USA Triathlon — working weekends and racing never



National Geographic Society -- failing to see

RunWashington -- living like Lincoln

Papercuts -- trekking for family pilgrimages 



Beyond the Gray Leaf

Pens, Plows, & Gunpowder


I love words, but a story dictates its form. Sometimes pictures (bottom). Or videos. Or maps. Or GIFs. I’ve also hosted live TV segments, produced a one-off podcast, edited an Oxford University doctoral dissertation, and co-wrote a chunk of the White House's 2015 Strategy for American Innovation.